Retreat Center: Rejuvination Time!

There comes a time in most people’s modern (read HECTIC) life that “getting away from it all” becomes a necessity. Stepping aside from the mayhem and indulging in a few days of relaxation, is often exactly what “the doctor ordered” to restore your energy, optimism, and insight. When considering a retreat center like The Caribbean Court, you can look forward to incredible nutritious meals prepared by renowned chefs, relaxing in a quiet pool, enjoying soaking up the energy of the sun on the sundeck, and miles of untarnished shoreline to explore. The gardens adorning each corner of the boutique hotel make this retreat center an inspiring place to reflect on your priorities and life.

When packing for your time at a retreat center, be sure to bring a journal that you’d like to use as a daily gratitude journal. Each day during your stay and (importantly) when you return home, make time to both reflect upon what you are thankful for and record this. In addition, you may want to include a comfortable bathing suit in your bag for the retreat center as swimming can be incredibly refreshing. If you enjoy yoga, bring your mat and music of choice. Instead of being led by a teacher, consider trusting yourself to conduct your own personal yoga class. In addition, stock up on healthy between meal snacks like raspberries, oranges, and almond milk if your retreat center offers refrigerators in individual rooms, as The Caribbean Court does. Lastly, when packing, be sure to include sunblock, a hat, and loose-fitting clothing. Looking forward to helping you relax and re-center yourself!

Unique Venues: Spectacular Settings

Sometimes in life we need something special, something different, to set a particular occasion apart from the mundane. Whether it be a meeting, wedding, dinner party, training session, or romantic rendezvous hot-spot, if you need to attract attention, unique venues must be the setting of choice! While unique venues is a rather inclusive term, each venue is remarkable in its location, activities, architecture, or history and bequeaths an extra degree of excitement as well as prominence to your event. Considered among the top unique venues, The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel is proud to offer an intimate experience with world-class French cuisine, private entry ways to Vero Beach’s award winning shores, & partnerships with adventurous fishing captains and challenging golf courses. Situated in well appointed rooms or outdoor tents and surrounded by The CC’s characteristic gardens, your event will be poised to be spectacular. The Treasure Coast of Florida, in which quaint Vero Beach is situated, is certainly aptly named as the non-polluted jewels of beaches stretch as far as one can see and both sunrises & sunsets are exquisite. After attending a few events in high rise hotel conference rooms of large cities, such get-togethers begin to blur together in the mind and are hardly the setting needed to draw attention to your special event. Rather, an intimate, yet luxurious, boutique hotel in charming Vero Beach will quickly have people clamoring for a spot on your guest list! With professional staff with years of event planning experience, we’d love to brainstorm with you and see how we might surpass your expectations for unique venues!

Affordable Wedding Venues that will Amaze You

So, you’re on a budget (welcome to modern America) and you’re engaged and beginning the wedding-planning. It can be a scary time as you’ll notice the exceptionally high prices of everything from flowers to a live band to your dress (when DID prices get so high?!) and just envisioning the price of luxurious wedding venues makes you light in the head. We understand, we’ve been there and know that modern couples have a variety of expenses (home mortgages, educational loans, entrepreneur expenses, etc) that often take precedence over an exorbitantly lavish wedding. But we are also aware that one’s wedding is more than a simple official date on a wedding certificate, it is a celebration of life, love, and family. For many, it is the most memorable day in their entire lives and therefore much be treated as such a wonderfully special occassion.

Affordable wedding venues, like the Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel, can stun you with their elegance, impeccable location, services, and low price. The Caribbean Court is among the leading affordable wedding venues as the boutique hotel can dedicate the entire hotel (18 luxuriously appointed rooms) to the occassion, making it the definition of a genuinely intimate affair. With services like evening poolside hors d’oeuvres, private piano bar, and our lushly landscaped grounds that offer some of the most beautiful backdrops for pictures in the nation, it is easy to see why the hotel is a pioneering leader among affordable wedding venues. (To see a slideshow of images from the gardens that extend throughout our property see:

With brilliantly experienced professionals everywhere from our events coordinator to our chefs to our front desk to our gardeners, your guests will never believe that such a phenomenal wedding was actually affordable! (But shhh, we won’t tell if you don’t!)

Event Venues: Let’s Rock and Roll

Whatever event you have in mind, The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel can take it up a notch (or a few) by providing stellar facilities, an incredible location, state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, and an overall experience that will wow your attendees. Choosing the right location from the multitude of event venues may seem like an intimidating task, but by identifying your unique needs, you’ll quickly slim the pool of possibilities down. The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel is among the event venues that people seeking to hold a memorable conference, trade-show, celebration, lecture, or training session should consider as our tranquil atmosphere allows your event to truly shine as the spotlight! Events are planned individually by our professional hotel event coordinator and can be as intimate of affairs as you desire. With a spectacular poolside deck that is perfect for hors d’oeuvre, a 5 star fine French restaurant onsite, 16 well-appointed individual suites, and a decadent Piano Bar, and gardens throughout the campus- The Caribbean Court emerges among the top of the highly competitive event venues list. As we have years of experience in the event planning and executing business, we can assist you during each step of the process and, at your request, can make suggestions on catering, color schemes, logistics, and much more! As the owner of the hotel is a long-time local of the Vero Beach community, we can help connect you to other local businesses/ service providers to create the perfect agenda for your event (spas, golf courses, off-site dining reservations, boat chartering, etc). Call The Caribbean Court today to see how we can elevate your event to the next level and to find out why we are regarded among the premier event venues!

Luxury Weddings

Luxury weddings are extraordinary affairs and grace the pages of bridal magazines, newspapers, and tv shows alike for very good reason. In luxury weddings, the couple is spotlighted amidst incredible surroundings, decadent food, and grand decorations. Luxury weddings are meant to start the life of the newly wedded couple off in the best and most romantic way possible. Stress is melted away as professionals handle each detail so that the planning and execution of the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception are perfect. Families and friends are brought together to celebrate and savor the best of life- love, camaraderie, beauty, elegance, and decadence. Luxury weddings cater to the unique personalities of the honored couple and staff are dedicated to surpassing the expectations of even the most discerning of individuals. Whether the ceremony is held on the beach, in gardens, poolside, or in an elegant dining room- luxury weddings at The Caribbean Court are incredibly enticing affairs. Pairing the elegance and sophistication intrinsic to the North American Inns highlighted with the prestigious Select Registry Recognition and the natural beauty of Florida’s Treasure Coast, wedding guests and the couple will both be delighted with their CC experience. Please contact us for more information regarding our luxury wedding services.

Wedding Reception Venues at the Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel

ImageThe Caribbean Court Boutique hotel offers couples an array of choices and room to be unique with our wedding reception venues. We are able to accommodate up to 400 people and our specific wedding reception venues include: Maison Martinique, a famed fine French restaurant on the resort premise with over 200 wines; Havana Nights, an upscale piano bar with plush seating and gorgeous hand painted tile stair entrance; the terraces are perfect for large tents; and our poolside deck venue is premier for alfresco dining and hors d’oeuvres. Couples may book any or all of these facilities for their party and more information on each one can be found at:

Our wedding reception venues can be customized to your tastes, budget, and party size. The picture video below showcases how some of our couples have individualized our wedding reception venues and how splendid they each turned out! (Click the first link to see how tents have been decorated at the CC and the second to access vimeo wedding videos of two couples)