How to Plan Ideal Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats have steadily been growing in popularity for several decades now as companies, big and small, recognize their importance in moral and team building abilities. Booking the correct facility for your event is key and the following should be considered when planning corporate retreats:

1. Ensure that your retreat is the property’s primary concern while you are there. Nothing is more infuriating that staff at large properties being busy with other events and unable to give assistance in times of need.

2. Incorporate time to check cellphones, email, and eat into the printed schedule. This will encourage participants to engage fully in the events as they know they will be able to deal with emails etc later in the day

3. The most successful corporate retreats strike a balance between seminars, discussions, small and large group workshops, and talking vs writing activities.

4. Corporate retreats should feature networking time, perhaps at an on-site upscale Piano Bar or a poolside causal hors d’oeuvres. Hosting it at such enticing places will increase attendance and active participation.

5. Always plan for the attendees of your corporate retreats to have time dedicated to R&R. Include a list of nearby spas, golf courses, boat rentals, and nearby attractions as this will also increase attendance at your event and elevate spirits of your guests.

6. Ensure there are convenient accommodations for guests. Corporate retreats that feature the daily events and overnight accommodations at the same place are ideal and helps guests to be on-time to scheduled events.

Wedding Venues in Florida

The Sunshine State is thrilled to welcome you and your wedding party to our lovely cities and resort towns! Wedding venues in Florida are among the most sought after locations in the entire United States and The Caribbean Court is proud to have hosted numerous flawless extravaganzas. Wedding venues in Florida offer a variety of settings: urban rooftop, serene beachside, or elegant garden weddings are among the most popular.

Whichever wedding venues in Florida make it to your top list, it is important to visit the individual locations and see (in-person) how the space might lend itself for your special occasion. While many wedding matters can be handled over the telephone, many couples find it extremely helpful to visit each site they are considering initially and meet with the individual wedding coordinators at each facility. While most wedding venues in Florida offer experienced coordinators, it is always a good idea to check the experience of them as your Big Day is no place for their learning curve! Lastly, ensure that your wedding venue of choice offers well-designed acoustics as your guests will really appreciate this feature! Best of luck and congratulations on your engagement! If you’re considering The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel as a venue, please contact us with any questions or to receive pictures of previous celebrations, recommendations, etc.

Event Venues the Caribbean Court Way

Our philosophy is that if we serve our clients well and provide for their every need, they will return to us again for event venues in the future (and if we are really lucky, maybe refer a friend or co-worker our way)!

With our stellar catering abilities (everything from onsite prepared authentic tapas from Havana Nights to 5 star French cuisine from our famous fine-dining restaurant Maison Martinique), we will ensure your guests are energized to participate fully in your event. By providing a variety of event venues, everything from spacious and well-appointed rooms in our inn to elegantly decorated dining rooms to tents among our gardens and private set-ups at the beach, The Caribbean Court will be able to accommodate your desires. By ensuring that all of our event venues are outfitted to be compatible with our quality audio and visual equipment, your presentations will be spectacular.

By maintaining our dignity as a classy boutique hotel nestled in quaint Vero Beach, FL, we are able to provide you with event venues that will both attract guests to your event and leave with the fondest of memories and a desire to return to your next extravaganza. Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in reserving our facilities.

Small Wedding Ideas

If  you are hoping for a wedding where you (as the couple) will actually be the stars of the show (and not some screaming child at the pool or drunk fraternity brothers who just happen to be staying at the same mega-resort as you), you need to consider The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel. As far as catering to an intimate wedding party, we have the expertise, energy, and stellar facilities to do just that! Small wedding ideas abound- secluded ceremony on the beach, poolside breakfasts with lush gardening, photoshoots in our meticulously landscaped outdoor areas, and 16 luxuriously appointed rooms. Other small wedding ideas that couples have had while planning their ceremony at The Caribbean Court include: private tennis or golf lessons, kayak rentals, and zumba parties to burn off a bit of the ladys’ anxious energy! When brainstorming your small wedding ideas, keep in mind the diverse interests your wedding party may have for activities and chose a location that, despite its small size, can accomodate a variety of requests and meet your needs for spa treatments and beauty appointments. We would love to give you information about the impeccable salons and spas that Vero Beach, FL boasts! Lastly, if you’re interested in small weding ideas, you should visit and search “small wedding” as brilliant ideas abound!

Wedding Receptions: How to Make Yours Shine

While the romantic few claim the wedding ceremony to be their favorite part of the ordeal,  wedding receptions are the highlight for most people. The music, venue, the first dance, and the cake cutting are the times in which the couple’s uniqueness has a chance to shine through and, with the right details, the reception can be the most joyous event of the entire wedding affair. With the groom’s cold feet warmed up and the bride’s nervous jitters calmed by her favorite champagne, modern wedding receptions allow attendees to recall the traditional purpose of wedding ceremonies- to celebrate the couple as a family through delicious dishes, dance, music, and chatter. The details to facilitate such wonderful wedding receptions do not just fall into place, however, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips for planning this event.

Tips & Tricks for Wedding Receptions:

1. Include at least 1 traditional family recipe from both the groom and bride’s sides on the menu

2. Secure your places in dance classes early to practice for the first dance, by this time the moves should be completely second nature so that you can focus on what’s truly important- the person you’re dancing with : )

3. Ensure your band/ dj has either performed at the venue before or has arranged a time to come over and “map it out” so that there will be no problems the day of with arranging speakers, etc

4. Stock the bathrooms with Tide To-Go pens for the spills that are SURE to happen, safety pins for dress incidents that occur after certain dance moves make an appearance, and bandaids for any blisters that have been incurred during the wedding ceremony

5. To encourage dancing, have a large bucket of size-assorted “dancing shoes” at the reception’s entrance. These shoes are just flip flops but make all the difference in the world!

6. Take time to enjoy the food, guests, and entertainment- this is all for YOU!

7. If the ceremony is not at the same location as the wedding, have easy to read directions for every wedding guest to take with them after the ceremony.

8. Make every guest count: if you’re having a seated meal, place cards at each place setting and instruct everyone to find time that evening to write the couple a note of advice and collect them all (makes great thank-you note writing content too!)

9. Work closely with the cake designer, chef, and decorator to ensure your reception is just as YOU want it to be! Do not be afraid to speak up, it’s your big day and time for you to shine!Image

Outside Wedding Venues: Perfection for your Perfect Day

Outside wedding venues are truly spectacular as they merge the majestic beauty of nature with the beautiful spirit of the love and hope that exists between two souls. There is no more perfect atmosphere for a ceremony celebrating undying love than outdoors where the sun can smile down and warm even the coldest of wedding feet. The beaches of Florida are world-renowned for their cleanliness and warmth and those around Vero Beach also provide a sense of intimacy and seclusion. Such shores make ideal outside wedding venues as they are completely customizable to your preferences and can accommodate a large variety of wedding party sizes. With the backdrop of whitecapped waves and a soundtrack of lightly rushing water, your wedding day can meet (and even surpass) those fairy-tale dreams many brides have as children! Depending on your tastes, outside wedding venues like The Caribbean Court can accommodate your wishes as far as timing of the ceremony. While afternoon and sundown are popular choices, sunrise and morning services are sometimes desired by a couple and make for lovely ceremonies. In addition to arranging picturesque beachside ceremonies, The CC (as a leader in outside wedding venues) is also able to offer poolside and garden venues for more intimate gatherings or for receptions, luncheons, or a rehearsal dinner. As a leading inn in the nation, we are also able to dedicate our 18 luxuriously appointed rooms to your wedding guests only- a true treat! Lastly, you won’t have to worry about anyone being hungry with our award winning fine French restaurant onsite as well as an extensively appointed piano and tapas bar. Let us share our extraordinary bit of paradise with you and yours!

Wedding Services You Really Must Have


Have you recently gotten engaged or have you and your sweetheart enjoyed a long engagement? Regardless of when the question was popped, if you have a inspiring or just unique story of how it happened, please share it in our comments! We will highlight our favorites in the coming days.

Planning a wedding, even for the most “chill” of couples, will (at some point or another) be stressful. We know this from dealing with engaged couples for several years and have come up with a little check-list of wedding services that you will want to consider! While not all couples need all of the wedding services listed below, having a solid team of professionals by your side through both the planning and the executing of the Big Day will be of tremendous help! If you and your to-be spouse are both busy professionals, establishing such a team early in your engagement is going to be of paramount importance as we can guarantee you will be surprised by how much time, effort, and coordination is necessary to pull off a stunning wedding!

Wedding Services we Recommend:

1. Professional photographer (it’s great if you have some amateur photographers among your guests but you really do want an experienced/established photographer at your wedding whose only priority is getting your perfect pictures. Guests who double as photographers often miss some of the best moments, don’t have equipment that’s ideal for the lighting, and lack excellent photo editing skills)

2. Catering company with experience preparing the style of food you want for a crowd the size of your wedding party. Make sure you do thorough taste tests and never hesitate to ask for something nontraditional if it will make your Big Day more special! Several couples have opted to have special family recipes included in the reception or rehearsal dinner menu.

3. Hair & Makeup Stylist- Again make sure that  your stylist is experienced and that you have thoroughly discussed EXACTLY what you want with him/her before the Big Day arrives! Ensure that the bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, etc can all be seen comfortably at same spa (you may stagger appointment times).

4. Wedding cake baker- Your cake is a centerpiece during your reception and keepsake pictures of you/your new spouse will be taken with it. Look through online galleries of cakes to determine exactly what style/colors/theme is ideal for you and send such pictures to the bakery and discuss thoroughly logistics with them. There is no room for disappointment with your cake on your wedding day so be clear in your requests!

5. Band/ DJ- Whatever your music genre preference is, excellent tunes should be played at the reception. Dancing is a tradition that all guests will enjoy and make sure the band/dj takes a tour of the venue before the wedding day so they know how to set up their equipment. Also discuss with him/her/them what “backups” they have in case of power outage etc.

6. Transportation- Limos are the most common mode of transportation on the wedding day but horses, vintage vehicles, and even bicycles are sometimes used!

7. Theme Coordinator at the Venue(s) of Choice- Often this will be the wedding coordinator at the venue but make sure to have someone to go through all the details of the big event (tablecloth colors, direction signs, placement of floral arrangements, timing of bouquet throw, and packets of birdseed/rice/etc to be showered upon the new couple upon their exit).

8. Florist- Between the bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and the reception you will be using a TON of flowers! Make sure to have a reliable florist who designs well and is willing to listen to your input throughout the process!

How to Host an Extrodinary Meeting


The first step of planning a highly successful professional meeting is to plan for it to be held in an enticing place. Vero Beach, FL has certainly got you covered in that aspect as we boast some of the best fishing, golfing, beaches, spas, and boutique shopping in the nation! The second major consideration is to find a venue in your location of choice that has well-appointed meeting rooms of the correct size. The Caribbean Court has stellar facilities that can accommodate everywhere from an intimate meeting of 4 (or less) to large tented affairs for over 400. Meeting rooms should be wifi enabled, be stocked with consistently performing Audio/Visual equipment, and be within easy access for those out-of-town attendees who will be staying in hotel rooms. When checking into different venues’ meeting rooms, also ensure that your meeting can be catered and that drinks (like the infamous coffee all attendees thrive on) are allowed to be consumed within the rooms.  In addition, consider your other needs for meeting rooms like podiums, pull-down screens, and comfortable chairs. Thirdly, publish a schedule that includes breaks for those in attendance to check their phones/email, run to the restroom, network, walk on the beach, and enjoy a nice dinner. Knowing exactly what presentations will occur at which time/ in which of the meeting rooms, will enable a smooth execution on The Big Day. To ensure participants enjoy themselves/ opt to return to your meeting in the future, consider hosting a cocktail hour. At The Caribbean Court, a classy Piano Bar with the finest liquors and creative drink/ appetizer menu will help your participants relax, mingle, and discuss topics that have piqued his/her interest during the formal meeting.

Beach Wedding Venues, oh la la!

The variety of beach wedding venues in America will impress, if not completely astound, those in the midst of planning a wedding! Such beach wedding venues exist everywhere from bustling cosmopolitan Miami to small friendly islands, like that of Orchid Island right off the coast of Vero Beach. In addition to a profoundly stunning location, beach wedding venues can offer the couple an ultimate destination wedding that provides entertainment for all ages! The variety of activities found in beach wedding venues is unsurpassed; The Caribbean Court is proud to offer: private entrance to the award-winning shores, partnership with the premier country club of Vero Beach to allow for incredible golf, tennis, and spa experiences, walking distance to boutique shops, nationally renowned restaurants, and suggested guides for everything from fishing charters to local museums to local cultural events. By giving your wedding guests access to the abundance of such activities, you and your sweetheart will have time to sneak away for a romantic stroll, or two, down the pastel colored beaches.

The calming atmosphere of beach wedding venues (the nearby salt water, sea foam, and rhythmically crashing waves) is also able to “center” brides and grooms as they reflect on the great commitment of marriage. Such peace, time to escape the wedding details and enjoy the brilliant moments of your precious wedding, is an incredibly important part and should not be underestimated!

Reception Venues: What to Look For

Congratulations on your engagement to the one you love! At The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel, there’s nothing we love more than lovely wedding celebrations! The fragrances of our overflowing flowers mingle perfectly with the excitement and love that abounds during such celebrations. Receptions are often the most “fun” part of the entire wedding; time for dancing shoes, decadent food, celebratory toasts, and merry music! When you combine this spirit of joy and enthusiasm with our breathtaking facilities and location, it is no wonder why The Caribbean Court has emerged among the most competitive of wedding and reception venues! As we are prepared to host anywhere from an incredibly intimate gathering for close family and friends only to a large-scale celebration for up to 400, we can meet your reception party needs including fine catering and bartending!

When deciding which of your possible reception venues to use, consider the following questions:

1. Do we want an indoor or outdoor reception ceremony? Could we have both? Do any of the outdoor reception venues have palatable ‘rain plans’ that won’t be a damper on the event?

2. Are any of my guests handicapped? If so, are any of the reception venues handicapped accessible?

3. What time would we like the reception to be? If at night, make sure there are no pesky noise ordinances that could require your music to be turned off at 10 or 11.

4. Do we want to provide a seated meal, heavy hor d’oeuvres, lighter fare, and/or an open bar? Which reception venues can accommodate this? Do any  of the reception venues have excellent onsite catering?

5. Would we like to book a band, dj, or both? What can each venue comfortably accommodate?

6. Can guests stay at the venue or must transportation be arranged to transport guests back to a hotel?