Wedding Venue Ideas

Congratulations on your engagement! While planning a wedding is an exceptionally exciting venture, it can also be quite high stress (the hit show “Bridezillas” capitalizes on the impact of such stress on some vulnerable women and unfortunate bridesmaids!) Wedding venue ideas are a great first place to start brainstorming as a wedding location is the springboard for all later decisions (catering, decor, party size, etc). When compiling a list of your wedding venue ideas, make sure to only include ones that you are confident will give your wedding the priority that it deserves! Booking with large resorts is one trap many hopeful brides fall into as they eventually realize that the resort is too busy managing the multitudes of guests, events, and resort-wide activities that the success of one wedding party isn’t a huge deal to them.

In addition to making sure the location will provide you with stellar service, also make sure those in your wedding venue ideas list are places that are accessible to your guests. If you are planning a destination wedding, making it a domestic excursion (rather than international) will delight your guests with relatively tight budgets and save everyone the headache of ensuring their international travel documents are in order.

Lastly, make sure to go request pictures of previous weddings/ events at each of the wedding venue ideas to see how well they pull off such events. This will also give you things to note that you love and that you dislike- very important aspects to enter the planning phase of your wedding with!