Mastering the Art of a Meeting Space

While the location, hotel amenities, and overall atmosphere are important factors to consider when planning an event, the most important (and often ironically overlooked) is the actual quality of the meeting space. While things like modern audio/visual equipment, a variety of seating arrangements, and the size of the meeting space rooms aren’t usually the most exciting of details, it is these basics that will set the foundation for an overwhelmingly positive event. Below are things to consider when booking a meeting space:

1. Lighting- is it adjustable to allow for both powerpoint presentations and live seminars?

2. Is it easily accessible for out-of-town guests (can they stay on-site or very close)?

3. Is the meeting space adjustable so that you can hold both larger lectures and small group discussions during the course of the event?

4. Does the facility have adequate experience in hosting meetings?

5. Is there free WIFI that is easily accessible for all meeting guests in the meeting space?