How to Plan Ideal Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats have steadily been growing in popularity for several decades now as companies, big and small, recognize their importance in moral and team building abilities. Booking the correct facility for your event is key and the following should be considered when planning corporate retreats:

1. Ensure that your retreat is the property’s primary concern while you are there. Nothing is more infuriating that staff at large properties being busy with other events and unable to give assistance in times of need.

2. Incorporate time to check cellphones, email, and eat into the printed schedule. This will encourage participants to engage fully in the events as they know they will be able to deal with emails etc later in the day

3. The most successful corporate retreats strike a balance between seminars, discussions, small and large group workshops, and talking vs writing activities.

4. Corporate retreats should feature networking time, perhaps at an on-site upscale Piano Bar or a poolside causal hors d’oeuvres. Hosting it at such enticing places will increase attendance and active participation.

5. Always plan for the attendees of your corporate retreats to have time dedicated to R&R. Include a list of nearby spas, golf courses, boat rentals, and nearby attractions as this will also increase attendance at your event and elevate spirits of your guests.

6. Ensure there are convenient accommodations for guests. Corporate retreats that feature the daily events and overnight accommodations at the same place are ideal and helps guests to be on-time to scheduled events.