Wedding Receptions: How to Make Yours Shine

While the romantic few claim the wedding ceremony to be their favorite part of the ordeal,  wedding receptions are the highlight for most people. The music, venue, the first dance, and the cake cutting are the times in which the couple’s uniqueness has a chance to shine through and, with the right details, the reception can be the most joyous event of the entire wedding affair. With the groom’s cold feet warmed up and the bride’s nervous jitters calmed by her favorite champagne, modern wedding receptions allow attendees to recall the traditional purpose of wedding ceremonies- to celebrate the couple as a family through delicious dishes, dance, music, and chatter. The details to facilitate such wonderful wedding receptions do not just fall into place, however, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips for planning this event.

Tips & Tricks for Wedding Receptions:

1. Include at least 1 traditional family recipe from both the groom and bride’s sides on the menu

2. Secure your places in dance classes early to practice for the first dance, by this time the moves should be completely second nature so that you can focus on what’s truly important- the person you’re dancing with : )

3. Ensure your band/ dj has either performed at the venue before or has arranged a time to come over and “map it out” so that there will be no problems the day of with arranging speakers, etc

4. Stock the bathrooms with Tide To-Go pens for the spills that are SURE to happen, safety pins for dress incidents that occur after certain dance moves make an appearance, and bandaids for any blisters that have been incurred during the wedding ceremony

5. To encourage dancing, have a large bucket of size-assorted “dancing shoes” at the reception’s entrance. These shoes are just flip flops but make all the difference in the world!

6. Take time to enjoy the food, guests, and entertainment- this is all for YOU!

7. If the ceremony is not at the same location as the wedding, have easy to read directions for every wedding guest to take with them after the ceremony.

8. Make every guest count: if you’re having a seated meal, place cards at each place setting and instruct everyone to find time that evening to write the couple a note of advice and collect them all (makes great thank-you note writing content too!)

9. Work closely with the cake designer, chef, and decorator to ensure your reception is just as YOU want it to be! Do not be afraid to speak up, it’s your big day and time for you to shine!Image