Outside Wedding Venues: Perfection for your Perfect Day

Outside wedding venues are truly spectacular as they merge the majestic beauty of nature with the beautiful spirit of the love and hope that exists between two souls. There is no more perfect atmosphere for a ceremony celebrating undying love than outdoors where the sun can smile down and warm even the coldest of wedding feet. The beaches of Florida are world-renowned for their cleanliness and warmth and those around Vero Beach also provide a sense of intimacy and seclusion. Such shores make ideal outside wedding venues as they are completely customizable to your preferences and can accommodate a large variety of wedding party sizes. With the backdrop of whitecapped waves and a soundtrack of lightly rushing water, your wedding day can meet (and even surpass) those fairy-tale dreams many brides have as children! Depending on your tastes, outside wedding venues like The Caribbean Court can accommodate your wishes as far as timing of the ceremony. While afternoon and sundown are popular choices, sunrise and morning services are sometimes desired by a couple and make for lovely ceremonies. In addition to arranging picturesque beachside ceremonies, The CC (as a leader in outside wedding venues) is also able to offer poolside and garden venues for more intimate gatherings or for receptions, luncheons, or a rehearsal dinner. As a leading inn in the nation, we are also able to dedicate our 18 luxuriously appointed rooms to your wedding guests only- a true treat! Lastly, you won’t have to worry about anyone being hungry with our award winning fine French restaurant onsite as well as an extensively appointed piano and tapas bar. Let us share our extraordinary bit of paradise with you and yours!