Wedding Services You Really Must Have


Have you recently gotten engaged or have you and your sweetheart enjoyed a long engagement? Regardless of when the question was popped, if you have a inspiring or just unique story of how it happened, please share it in our comments! We will highlight our favorites in the coming days.

Planning a wedding, even for the most “chill” of couples, will (at some point or another) be stressful. We know this from dealing with engaged couples for several years and have come up with a little check-list of wedding services that you will want to consider! While not all couples need all of the wedding services listed below, having a solid team of professionals by your side through both the planning and the executing of the Big Day will be of tremendous help! If you and your to-be spouse are both busy professionals, establishing such a team early in your engagement is going to be of paramount importance as we can guarantee you will be surprised by how much time, effort, and coordination is necessary to pull off a stunning wedding!

Wedding Services we Recommend:

1. Professional photographer (it’s great if you have some amateur photographers among your guests but you really do want an experienced/established photographer at your wedding whose only priority is getting your perfect pictures. Guests who double as photographers often miss some of the best moments, don’t have equipment that’s ideal for the lighting, and lack excellent photo editing skills)

2. Catering company with experience preparing the style of food you want for a crowd the size of your wedding party. Make sure you do thorough taste tests and never hesitate to ask for something nontraditional if it will make your Big Day more special! Several couples have opted to have special family recipes included in the reception or rehearsal dinner menu.

3. Hair & Makeup Stylist- Again make sure that  your stylist is experienced and that you have thoroughly discussed EXACTLY what you want with him/her before the Big Day arrives! Ensure that the bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, etc can all be seen comfortably at same spa (you may stagger appointment times).

4. Wedding cake baker- Your cake is a centerpiece during your reception and keepsake pictures of you/your new spouse will be taken with it. Look through online galleries of cakes to determine exactly what style/colors/theme is ideal for you and send such pictures to the bakery and discuss thoroughly logistics with them. There is no room for disappointment with your cake on your wedding day so be clear in your requests!

5. Band/ DJ- Whatever your music genre preference is, excellent tunes should be played at the reception. Dancing is a tradition that all guests will enjoy and make sure the band/dj takes a tour of the venue before the wedding day so they know how to set up their equipment. Also discuss with him/her/them what “backups” they have in case of power outage etc.

6. Transportation- Limos are the most common mode of transportation on the wedding day but horses, vintage vehicles, and even bicycles are sometimes used!

7. Theme Coordinator at the Venue(s) of Choice- Often this will be the wedding coordinator at the venue but make sure to have someone to go through all the details of the big event (tablecloth colors, direction signs, placement of floral arrangements, timing of bouquet throw, and packets of birdseed/rice/etc to be showered upon the new couple upon their exit).

8. Florist- Between the bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and the reception you will be using a TON of flowers! Make sure to have a reliable florist who designs well and is willing to listen to your input throughout the process!