How to Host an Extrodinary Meeting


The first step of planning a highly successful professional meeting is to plan for it to be held in an enticing place. Vero Beach, FL has certainly got you covered in that aspect as we boast some of the best fishing, golfing, beaches, spas, and boutique shopping in the nation! The second major consideration is to find a venue in your location of choice that has well-appointed meeting rooms of the correct size. The Caribbean Court has stellar facilities that can accommodate everywhere from an intimate meeting of 4 (or less) to large tented affairs for over 400. Meeting rooms should be wifi enabled, be stocked with consistently performing Audio/Visual equipment, and be within easy access for those out-of-town attendees who will be staying in hotel rooms. When checking into different venues’ meeting rooms, also ensure that your meeting can be catered and that drinks (like the infamous coffee all attendees thrive on) are allowed to be consumed within the rooms.  In addition, consider your other needs for meeting rooms like podiums, pull-down screens, and comfortable chairs. Thirdly, publish a schedule that includes breaks for those in attendance to check their phones/email, run to the restroom, network, walk on the beach, and enjoy a nice dinner. Knowing exactly what presentations will occur at which time/ in which of the meeting rooms, will enable a smooth execution on The Big Day. To ensure participants enjoy themselves/ opt to return to your meeting in the future, consider hosting a cocktail hour. At The Caribbean Court, a classy Piano Bar with the finest liquors and creative drink/ appetizer menu will help your participants relax, mingle, and discuss topics that have piqued his/her interest during the formal meeting.