Retreat Center: Rejuvination Time!

There comes a time in most people’s modern (read HECTIC) life that “getting away from it all” becomes a necessity. Stepping aside from the mayhem and indulging in a few days of relaxation, is often exactly what “the doctor ordered” to restore your energy, optimism, and insight. When considering a retreat center like The Caribbean Court, you can look forward to incredible nutritious meals prepared by renowned chefs, relaxing in a quiet pool, enjoying soaking up the energy of the sun on the sundeck, and miles of untarnished shoreline to explore. The gardens adorning each corner of the boutique hotel make this retreat center an inspiring place to reflect on your priorities and life.

When packing for your time at a retreat center, be sure to bring a journal that you’d like to use as a daily gratitude journal. Each day during your stay and (importantly) when you return home, make time to both reflect upon what you are thankful for and record this. In addition, you may want to include a comfortable bathing suit in your bag for the retreat center as swimming can be incredibly refreshing. If you enjoy yoga, bring your mat and music of choice. Instead of being led by a teacher, consider trusting yourself to conduct your own personal yoga class. In addition, stock up on healthy between meal snacks like raspberries, oranges, and almond milk if your retreat center offers refrigerators in individual rooms, as The Caribbean Court does. Lastly, when packing, be sure to include sunblock, a hat, and loose-fitting clothing. Looking forward to helping you relax and re-center yourself!