A Wedding Package to Meet Your Needs

A gorgeous location is something few couples are willing to compromise on for their wedding day. Rather, money saving compromises are made elsewhere, and experienced venues often offer couples a wedding package to help bundle and reduce costs. At The Caribbean Court, a lush boutique hotel only footsteps away from the award-winning shores of Vero Beach FL, a wedding package includes:

Discounted rates for Bridal Showers and Rehearsal Dinner
Special room rates for out of town guests
A full array of Beach wedding arrangements 
Poolside Cocktail and Hors d’oeuvres
Placement of centerpieces and favors
Champagne or sparkling cider toast for all guests
Four course dinner or buffet reception
Cake cutting, after you have cut the initial piece, and serving
A wide variety of Entertainment options
Limousine service

While this is the most common wedding package, it can be individualized to your needs and preferences. The Caribbean Court’s wedding package allows couples to afford an incredible wedding venue in an ideal location.

Business Conferences Spur Productivity & Satisfaction

Business conferences are an important way to spur productivity and develop feelings of teamwork among your company/ division. In addition to providing well-equipped rooms for progress to take place in, business conferences also allow for a change in scenery that stresses the importance of your employees and their contributions to the business. By choosing to host business conferences at our facilities over the years, companies have also increased the satisfaction of their employees as Vero Beach is a coveted destination.

By providing business conferences with the opportunity to rent out our entire 18 rooms boutique hotel, distractions can be removed and an intimate atmosphere can be created that is unified in purpose. With the award-winning beaches only footsteps away (great places for your invitees to take  meeting breaks) and both a fine French restaurant and a stellar tapas/ upscale piano bar onsite, travel away from the meeting’s premises will be minimized (music to the meeting’s coordinator’s ears)!

Venues for Weddings: The Insider Story

While the location can vary from West Coast mountaintops to Florida beaches to Chicago skyscrapers, venues for weddings worth considering will have one major similarity- a willingness to work with you and place your wedding at the top of a priority list. The importance of this guiding premise, a wedding-centric way of thinking, cannot be overstated and will serve you and your wedding party beautifully. Venues for weddings should also have experience catering to the party size that you’re planning on having attend as a learning curve with your wedding as the “guinea pig” is entirely unacceptable.

Venues for weddings should also be able to send you pictures/ video/ etc of previous wedding ceremonies/ receptions held there so you can see how the space can be transformed. This picture perusing can also be quite helpful for the couple who is still deciding on theme/colors/beach vs garden wedding! If out of town guests are staying at the same venue that is hosting your wedding or reception, see if it is possible to reserve the entire entity (if it is a hotel) to provide an incredibly intimate atmosphere. The Caribbean Court, a boutique hotel with 18 guest rooms, is often reserved for a single wedding party and the results are absolutely stellar.

Finally, venues for weddings should be a pleasure working with! As you are hosting one of the absolute most important events of your life there, the venue should be respectful of your wishes and work to surpass your expectations.

Corporate Retreat Shopping? Look No Further!

If you are planning a corporate retreat, you’ve found your paradise with The Caribbean Court Boutique Hotel! As a member of the exceptionally exclusive Select Registry Inns, we are proud to offer you 18 beautifully unique guest rooms, well-appointed meeting space, a professional and experienced staff, and exquisite grounds. Whether this corporate retreat is designed to be more business, more of a typical relaxing “retreat,” or a healthy mix of both- we will wow you with our ability to make it exceptional.

An important part of any corporate retreat is always going to be food and at The Caribbean Court, your culinary needs will be handled exquisitely. Whether it be tapas poolside, a sit-down gourmet authentic French meal, lunch buffet, or quick breakfast pastries with rich coffee, our chefs at Maison Martinique and Havana Nights will awe you. In addition, having an organized, experienced, and insightful event planner at the hotel to answer all your questions and help you immensely while both planning and executing the perfect corporate retreat! Contact us today for information!

The Appeal of Unusual Wedding Venues

Unusual wedding venues have been catching they eyes of couples nationwide recently and, often, catching their wedding guests by surprise! Those who decide upon one of the unusual wedding venues often enjoy capitalizing on the “unexpected” theme throughout their engagement- spur of the moment trips, kisses, and ideas. Unusual wedding venues are for those who are creative, quirky, or just want to ensure that their wedding be fondly recalled by all guests.

While the category of unusual wedding venues is rather broad (safari weddings in Tanzania, scuba diving weddings in Bali, weddings on a volcano, weddings in a theater, …), restricting your search to American (and land-loving) festivities can help you to find the perfect location. The Caribbean Court is a tiny (18 room) inn with a charming history and can accommodate all sorts of wedding desires! With an award-winning fine French restaurant onsite and an authentic Cuban Piano Bar, guests can truly enjoy mixing and mingling. Being separated from the ocean by only a small and quiet street, The Caribbean Court is a treat for all your senses and makes for a remarkable possibility in your list of unusual wedding venues.

Premier Hotel Wedding Packages

The Caribbean Court, a proud member of the distinguished Select Registry association of premier inns across North America, will wow you with our exceptional hotel wedding packages. With our excellent location on Orchid Island (coastal Vero Beach, FL), we are just footsteps away from the salty shores that have made us a legacy among beach towns. Our hotel wedding packages can include securing our entire inn (18 charmingly unique decorated rooms, pool, & courtyard) for your glorious affair to remember.
Hotel Wedding Packages are specially tailored to accommodate your every need which include:
-Discounted rates for Bridal Showers and Rehearsal Dinner
-Special room rates for out-of-town guests
-A full array of Beach wedding arrangements 
-Poolside Cocktail and Hors d’oeuvres
-Placement of centerpieces and favors
-Champagne or sparkling cider toast for all guests
-Four course dinner or buffet reception
-Cake cutting, after you have cut the initial piece, and serving
-A wide variety of entertainment options
-Limousine service

If you are interested in hearing more about our outstanding hotel wedding packages and how we might adjust them to your specific desires, give our wedding & banquet coordinator a call at 772-231-7211 or e-mail events@thecaribbeancourt.com

Why Host a Business Conference

Business conferences are extraordinary tools used by all major companies (small and large) to gather thinkers together to achieve a goal for the organization. By removing employees from their day-to-day routine, which is filled with distractions, companies can be extremely productive during a business conference and should be considered a great tool of the industry. By compiling a detailed schedule for the business conference, one can ensure timely transitions between tasks and subjects. This will allow for several distinct goals to be met during the business conference and, if published beforehand, will allow employees to come prepared to each meeting thereby maximizing the utility of time.

Such conferences can also revive the business’s spirit by motivating employees and can keep a positive and productive atmosphere alive. The simple act of hosting a business conference at a coveted location will increase associated prestige of working for the company. Furthermore, by inviting employees to attend, you are paying them a compliment that is sure to result in a higher degree of work-place satisfaction and accompanying productivity.

Wedding Venue Ideas

Congratulations on your engagement! While planning a wedding is an exceptionally exciting venture, it can also be quite high stress (the hit show “Bridezillas” capitalizes on the impact of such stress on some vulnerable women and unfortunate bridesmaids!) Wedding venue ideas are a great first place to start brainstorming as a wedding location is the springboard for all later decisions (catering, decor, party size, etc). When compiling a list of your wedding venue ideas, make sure to only include ones that you are confident will give your wedding the priority that it deserves! Booking with large resorts is one trap many hopeful brides fall into as they eventually realize that the resort is too busy managing the multitudes of guests, events, and resort-wide activities that the success of one wedding party isn’t a huge deal to them.

In addition to making sure the location will provide you with stellar service, also make sure those in your wedding venue ideas list are places that are accessible to your guests. If you are planning a destination wedding, making it a domestic excursion (rather than international) will delight your guests with relatively tight budgets and save everyone the headache of ensuring their international travel documents are in order.

Lastly, make sure to go request pictures of previous weddings/ events at each of the wedding venue ideas to see how well they pull off such events. This will also give you things to note that you love and that you dislike- very important aspects to enter the planning phase of your wedding with!

Mastering the Art of a Meeting Space

While the location, hotel amenities, and overall atmosphere are important factors to consider when planning an event, the most important (and often ironically overlooked) is the actual quality of the meeting space. While things like modern audio/visual equipment, a variety of seating arrangements, and the size of the meeting space rooms aren’t usually the most exciting of details, it is these basics that will set the foundation for an overwhelmingly positive event. Below are things to consider when booking a meeting space:

1. Lighting- is it adjustable to allow for both powerpoint presentations and live seminars?

2. Is it easily accessible for out-of-town guests (can they stay on-site or very close)?

3. Is the meeting space adjustable so that you can hold both larger lectures and small group discussions during the course of the event?

4. Does the facility have adequate experience in hosting meetings?

5. Is there free WIFI that is easily accessible for all meeting guests in the meeting space?

Beach Wedding Venues: Shine by the Sea!

If you are considering beach wedding venues, Vero Beach, FL is one area you can’t afford to miss out on! With the extraordinarily clean beaches, warm clear water, and gorgeous seashells, you are bound to be delighted by our award-winning shores!

Beach wedding venues allow you a relaxed, genuine feel to your wedding and allows for the creative expression of the couple. In addition to the spirit of joy that the sea always brings, your guests will be thrilled to venture to the beach for the celebration. Beach wedding venues, like The Caribbean Court, offer guests access to a multitude of activities (including watersports, high-end shopping, sightseeing, and gourmet dining) and this will decrease the stress around keeping all out-of-town guests entertained during their trip. Beach wedding venues are also the most romantic of spots to begin your life as a couple together- the intimate sunset strolls on the white sand beaches are not to be soon forgotten!