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March 11, 2011

Ms Elizabeth Kennedy
Elizabeth D. Kennedy & Company
486 21st Street
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Dear Liz,

With your support and the support of your staff, A Tropical Night in Martinique on the evening of March 5th, was a huge success. The profound achievement of our event was largely due to your inspiring influence and creative vision from the start. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. The compliments of the gorgeous venue, superb menu, and the outstanding service resounded throughout the evening and we are truly grateful for your partnership throughout the event.

Your donation of the facility of Maison Martinique and your generous discounts on the food and liquor costs made a significant impact on the impressive profit we made on this year's MHA special event. Because of this amazing collaborative effort and the generosity of so many throughout the community, we netted over $100,000 that evening to support the Mental Health Walk-In Center.

Please let your staff know how much we truly appreciated each and every thing they did to make our evening perfect detail by detail. The Elizabeth D. Kennedy and Company Staff as well as the Maison Martinique/ Caribbean Court staff were so courteous and helpful to all of us and their commitment to excellence was evident. Please let them know how much their encouragement and kindness to our agency staff and volunteers was appreciated.

We hope your involvement with the MHA will continue as we remain steadfast in our fund raising efforts that inspired and united the community. I thank you, the Board of Directors thanks you, the staff and volunteers thank you, but the deepest gratitude of all comes from our clients who now have hope because of you.

Thank you again for assisting us in making this year's MHA Special Event an overwhelming success. Because of your support, The Mental Health Walk-In Center will continue to serve those reaching out for help.

Pattie Nugent
Director of Development
Mental Health Association


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